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A brand journey

From the pure start to recognition. As a marketer I truly believe that every brand has a journey, and a story! That in the future becomes a part of the brand itself.

We all have ups and downs, even on the daily basis, even when already have achieved something. But your belief helps you keep up and carry on, no matter what kind of circumstances you are currently facing. Your belief in you, your belief in your brand, your belief in your people is what helps you move forward without stopping, wasting time on worries.

There are plenty of books and literature written on this topic, where people their failures, as well as their bright moments. But what does it really mean to develop a powerful & lasting brand?

Well, in my humble opinion, the first and most important thing in this process is building a value of something. It means creating something that will bring a whole spectrum of various benefits to people. The more benefits you are able to deliver the wider is your audience. Let's take a iPhone for example, it has one of the widest pool of fans in the world. Should you ask, why so? For sure, today it's a smartphone is an essential item that you should carry, but then, Apple has too many competitors, who are able to offer more specifications for better prices. Loads of people, still choose to use an iPhone, though.

iPhone offers you a convenient and attractive design, a user-friendly interface, iPhone tends to be perceived as an attribute of those who are rather wealthy, of the social group that tends most people are striving towards, iPhone protects users & promises longevity of usage period. There are numerous benefits that this product truly brings, it will be rather hard to capture them all in a short piece, But what's more important is that these benefits are altogether social, culture & real. They satisfy a huge variety of needs.

So, before you launch your product, ask yourself: how many needs does it satisfy? How many people will like it? Does it only carry a social value or does it offer something truly good? Something that people will use daily?

And here comes the second idea of how to make your brand journey better. To build a strong brand you have to make people want to use your product on a daily basis, otherwise it's no good. It should be either so attractive & user-friendly, so that the person will have a lasting wish to use it every day, either it can be a product of first necessity that is essential for daily use & is better than the competitors.

Whatever you decide, it should be really good.

By good I mean that it can have such an amazing design, or taste, or smell, or simply something that brings happiness to people. Think about it. Once your audience s formed you will have a clearer understanding of what they like & what they are after. The results can be astonishing, don't get shocked.

So once all is set & done, your business is operating well, the revenue flows in, here come the third stage where you need to be very careful about what you do. Not doing anything at all can result in a loss of interest, as well as following the wring strategy.

My general advice is to be convenient, be patient & be creative. Enjoy the process, try to suppress your audience & regularly communicate with them. Besides trying to sell, try to offer something they will enjoy, think about them as if they were your relatives that you care about. How would they want to be treated? Be active, grow your business, keep up with trends & adapt to the market.

After all, your brand journey will only depend on your passion towards what you do, your never-ending motivation & ideas that you are happy to share! Good luck!

By Polina Kurtepova, Marketing Expert