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How to stay on top during lockdown?

I know it feels, like Lockdown will never end, but should you really be upset about it?

I would definitely argue about that. Lockdown does not mean you have to stop believing & you have to stop achieving.

Whatever you were doing before, adjust the process & get back on track! Your customers are waiting for you!

Let's talk about how you can continue enhancing your brand awareness & raising attention of your customers during the quarantine.


If you haven't using videos in your digital Marketing Strategy, you should definitely do so in 2021. As in my opinion , video is one of the most powerful marketing instruments to stay. Think of why TikTok turned out to be so popular? Because it's engaging & fun, YouTube is also one of the Top social media to date, even though they only offer users to share/watch video materials.

Why is it so? Video is engaging, it can help your audience to feel your brand, to get engaged with what you are about. Secondly, people watch videos in the particular situations, where they are either the most relaxed and just want to enjoy or the most concentrated, when watching something that they truly value. A lot of people also have a habit of watching videos, while they are occupied with other tasks, such as drawing, creating crafts or simply doing their household chores.


I know it sound hard to make, given the reality we are living in. However, don't panic, you can always meet people online.

So I definitely recommend taking advantage of all the social media networks right now. You never know where you can meet your next client!


Be proactive, work out a new flashmob by your brand. It can be anything from the New Video Challenge to making people create posters, decorate their houses, send handwritten letters to each other.

The most important part is to test it & if you can make it viral. Before you do, discuss your ideas with your friends or those who are your "ideal consumers", what kind of stuff do they enjoy doing? What would be an activity they would love it do?

This will also give you a chance to get to know your audience better, as well as to earn their loyalty.


If it's a new concept for you, it's worth trying just right now. PR is the most practical way of creating buzz around you & raising people's interest.

While all the offline tools are unavailable, you have to time to discover how the world of media can help you make your brand more noticeable and establish loyal relationships with the media representative.

Stay Safe, Have Fun & Don't Give Up!

Polina Kurtepova